Navman Wireless is a world leader in the provision of vehicle tracking via GPS satellite technology and is trusted by more than 8,500 businesses across the globe. An Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM), the product range includes tracking, two-way messaging and integrated satellite navigation solutions for a diverse variety of markets and fleet sizes worldwide.
The company was the first to use the power of the internet to offer web-based fleet monitoring, instead of slow and expensive dial-up mobile phone links. It was the first on the market to offer fixed pricing for real time information - this means that, unlike mobile phones, there is no variable usage bill for customers using the vehicle tracking system.
It was the first to combine vehicle tracking and messaging with satellite navigation in one package and was the first to roll up leasing, mobile communications airtime and internet hosting charges into one daily 'per vehicle per day' charge. This made the concept of vehicle tracking more accessible to a much wider audience and made it much easier to work out a strong cost-benefit business case.
The Navman Wireless vehicle tracking system allows businesses to track, message and monitor their fleet from almost any PC, at any location, for a fixed monthly cost.