As an independent communications specialist, Online Systems offers a wide range of business telephone systems and solutions from leading manufacturers including Samsung and Avaya.

We also provide call management solutions, video conferencing, conference call platforms, VoIP, hosted and data applications as well as cabling for your voice and data and maintenance of you telephone system, even if it was not installed by us.


Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. is a global leader in semiconductor, telecommunication, digital media and digital convergence technologies.

Samsung started 71 years ago on March 1, 1938. Founding chairman of Samsung Byung-Chull Lee started a business in Taegu, Korea focusing primarily on trade export. From this day, Samsung has seen continuous growth which has turned it into a multibillion dollar empire.

Samsung have been present in the UK telecoms market since 1995 with the introduction of the DCS Compact, a very highly featured and competitive priced product that supported the new Euro ISDN circuits. This is a long way from the current OfficeServ systems with innovative IP integration and deployment, again making feature rich product with latest terminal design from the Samsung design house who also designs TV, MP3, Mobile and other aspirational products made by Samsung.

Xchange: Samsung Xchange connects your telephone to your office computer, making you more productive. When a call is received by your telephone, the caller’s telephone number (CLI) is displayed on your screen in a small, discreet, notification window. Samsung Xchange also connects to your company’s CRM database/application and looks up the name of the caller in the database for you and displays it. This will allow you to know who’s calling even before answering the phone.
For information about Samsung Xchange please visit our dedicated site here

Samsung WE VoIP is designed for the mobile from the mobile user’s point of view. The employee is not required to change the way they use their phone or mobile device as the user experience is the same, however they can benefit from more functionality with higher voice quality. Samsung WE VoIP incorporates a 3G dialler, HD voice technology and Wi-Fi handover capabilities to bring professionals a simple, hassle-free user experience and provide a clear telecommunications service. Compatible with both the OfficeServ and Samsung Communications Manager (SCM), this solution provides conference calling, transferring and hold function

CALL RECORDING:  Samsung Call Recording is a fully integrated plug-in module for the Samsung Business Reporting of products, which can record your ISDN30, ISDN2, SIP or Analogue trunks; a complete management and call recording solution contained and managed from a single work station or server. Storing, finding, playback and archiving of calls is just a click away.



Avaya is the global business communications expert delivering open and flexible communications systems that transform the way people collaborate to enhance performance and enable growth for companies small and large.

Avaya delivers intelligent communications solutions that help companies transform their businesses to achieve marketplace advantage.

Avaya is dedicated to helping businesses reduce costs, lower risk and grow revenues.

More than one millions businesses worldwide, including more than 90 percent of the Fortune 500R, use Avaya solutions to IP Telephony, Unified Communications, Contact Centres and Communications – Enabled Business Process.

Avaya is now the #1 WW Leader in small business communications.

Avaya focus on three key areas:

Reliability: A communication system needs to be available all day, every day! Avaya build their product to be inherently resilient.
Scalability: A communication system needs to grow with your business. Avaya ensures flexibility and scalability to give true investment protection from 384 users.
Applications: It’s not just about making and taking calls, applications provide real business benefit. Avaya have a suite of applications that assist an organisation in saving money and providing excellent service.



Horizon is a complete communications service for your business that provides an extensive range of fixed and mobile telephony capabilities via an easy-to-use web portal. The service allows you, the administrator, to easily manage your environment whilst enabling your employees to maximise their productivity.

The service has lots of clever features and an emphasis on control and administration through the web that takes the burden away from your IT team. For administrators, you can quickly configure the system according to your organisation’s changing requirements, while your employees can manage calls easily and effectively.

With only a minimal capital outlay required, a reliable and proven service and a jargon-free approach to telephony and communications, Horizon is suitable for any size business looking to improve its productivity and image.