Wi-fi business solutions

Online Systems is an experienced provider of Wi-Fi solutions for businesses with a comprehensive list of satisfied customers.  As part of every Wi-Fi solution, Online Systems always conducts a full site survey to establish all of the environmental parameters where the Wi-Fi is to be deployed. 

We have the ability to survey for Wi-Fi solutions off plan, which gives a great operational advantage for new site builds because the relevant infrastructure can be added to the building during fixing stages rather than retro fitted after the new building is complete which is generally the scenario when dealing with most Wi-Fi suppliers.

Wireless surveys are often overlooked when implementing a wireless network.  Without the correct planning wireless networks tend to underperform or not work as intended.

Online Systems have the ability to accurately map all aspects including the radio field (RF) coverage of your required wireless zones.  Detailed in your site survey report will be a full breakdown of the hardware and access point location requirements needed to achieve the radio field coverage and throughput that your Wi-Fi solution requires.

Our ability to predesign and predict your wireless coverage requirements saves you the cost of an initial wireless network viability test.  Unlike other wireless solution providers we are able to design solutions not only for coverage but also for capacity.  Access point placement is taken into account when capacity and coverage are of equal importance.  This can be of great benefit to network managers looking to assign a budget in the future, or where differing requirements exist within a single campus.  An example of this would be a business with offices and warehouse facilities and the difference in numbers of users with in each part of the business premises.

Our designs are fully flexible and bespoke from planning to implementation to suit all aspects of your requirements, whether the prime factors are cost or ultimate performance.

Online Systems works with best in class manufactures to offer B, G and N Wi-Fi solutions.  We are able to perform surveys based on specific equipment types and parameters making sure that the survey is 100% accurate to the specific equipment quoted to you in your solution.  All surveys Online Systems conducts visualise the radio field coverage of a particular vendor’s access points or mix of access points and antennas tailored in your solution.  Predefined requirements can be used to build the characteristics into the design from the outset.  These include VOIP (voice over internet protocol), Video, web browsing and location tracking.

When Online Systems performs a Wi-Fi survey we produce a full report including, colour coded heat maps showing signal strength, data rate, packet loss, roaming, over lap and noise interference which ultimately allows the purchase of a correctly specified Wi-Fi solution to meet every requirement.