Calling time on your old telephone system

Samsung Scrappage Scheme

Samsung OfficeServ desk phones

As Samsung comes to the end of its life in the marketplace, we are now looking to help businesses make the transition into cloud-based telephone systems.

Here at Online Systems, we have launched our Samsung Scrappage Scheme. Samsung announced that from the end of 2021 their Samsung OfficeServ PBX system will no longer be supported. Whether you’re an existing or a new customer and currently have a Samsung PBX phone system installed, you could receive up to £2,000 in discount on a new system with us.

We have a whole host of options that we can tailor to your business depending on the requirements.

Since being back on the road with the easing of lockdown restrictions and meeting with customers face-to-face, it’s great to hear how our customers have adapted with our support to working more efficiently and making sure they remain productive in this new working environment.

A new era for telephones

Collaboration between staff within a business is now more vital than ever. With a hybrid working environment, having the right tools in place to ensure everybody stays connected is crucial. We can support this through our Gamma Horizon, Wildix & Microsoft Teams Direct Routing offerings. All of which can potentially save you money and truly enhance your customer communications and experience.

If you haven’t yet called time on your on-site PBX, you should take into consideration that over the next 12 months exchanges are putting stop sell in place. This is due to the current ISDN or PSTN network coming to the end by 2025. We are actively engaging with businesses to ensure a painless transition to an IP network which will, in turn, save you money on call charges and provide extra levels of redundancy to ensure you stay connected.

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Author: Michael Wigham

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