Connectivity for the farming industry

tractor-mobilephone-wifi-signalFarms are, by their very nature, largely isolated. Meanwhile, the demands of farmers has changed with information and communication requirements at the forefront. We as a business are well-practiced at reducing digital gaps in remote areas, helping make the business better connected and more efficient.

Much has changed during the 30 years Online Systems has been operating in the rural areas of Dumfries and Galloway and Cumbria, but staff are well equipped to meet the needs of their clients as the farming industry continues to take advantage of developing technologies. Farmers require better insight to make more informed decisions and more and more farming is relying on the internet, without access they risk falling behind. With a whole host of options for connectivity and technology available to solve the rural lack of connectivity, the farming sector gains greater access to accurate information as they need it, delivers data to their suppliers and consumers, improves the farm’s productivity and reduces wasted resources. And this is achievable whilst remaining within a required budget.

In years gone by recording information in ledgers or on a computer meant time away from the animals or crops, but now mobile and wireless technology is a key part of farmers’ lives. Always on the move and constantly work in very changeable conditions, reliable connections and quality environmental protection are vital.

Connectivity solution:

  • advice on the best solution via a free consultancy service
  • expert staff sent out to ascertain the requirements and budget
  • roadmap set out with the client on how to achieve these requirements
  • support packages on all products that include 24/7/365 service.

The most common barrier faced by rural businesses is connectivity, but Online Systems strive to bring the required service to where it is needed when it is needed. There are a number of ways for us to bring data into sites including mobile and satellite technology. Nearly 30 years of supplying communication into difficult areas give us the edge, teamed with experienced staff who have the knowledge and skills to deploy into any site, regardless of the weather and conditions. Our arsenal for overcoming obstacles, including WiFi, mobile, leased lines, tablets, IT equipment and telecommunications. With our flexible contracts on products and support, we are in a position to tailor solutions to suit the variations in budgets and put in place have simple processes that are automated and to a budget agreeable to even a farmer. Good IT and communication allow all businesses to remain connected even when you are not inside.

Our strong ties with the rural regions of northern England and southern Scotland mean we have great customer retention, which is predominantly down to the knowledge of the area, having a dedicated team of advisors, as well as offering outstanding customer support.