Mobile broadband allows you to get online when you are unable to access a broadband connection, put simply it is the WiFi connection you take with you.

In today’s fast paced world this literally enables you to take your business on the move, working seamlessly and allowing you to access all your usual files, share your usual data and connect with colleagues wherever you may be.

There are numerous benefits to using a mobile broadband service.

It’s convenient and flexible — whether you need internet access for just a couple of days or for a couple of years we can tailor a packages to suit your business.

Super speeds — the speeds you get from a 4G connection can often be faster than many standard broadband services, and as fast as some fibre broadband offerings.

It’s cost efficient — if you only use the internet occasionally, and avoid data intensive tasks like downloads and video streaming, then mobile broadband can work out cheaper than normal broadband

Access on the go — enables homeworkers without broadband or with poor quality broadband, the ability to connect any device quickly and efficiently. It also offers a much more stable and secure network connection.
Easy to set up — there’s little or no setup required for mobile broadband, you won’t need an engineer to install anything, and it’s ready to use instantly.


MiFi (otherwise known as Pocket WiFi), the new way to take broadband with you. Suitable for those who travel or even homeworkers without broadband, or who have poor quality broadband. Our MiFi solutions are fitted with a 4G business SIM and can have you up and running on any device in no time. With advancement in 4G technology, it now offers a robust network – the perfect mobile broadband and disaster recovery situation.

Data only SIM's

If it’s simply data that your homeworkers need, we can sort that too. Allow employees to stay connected to your business even when they’re out of the office with a data-only SIM. Just pop your SIM into your device, be it a tablet, dongle or mobile WiFi unit and you’re ready to go wherever your business takes you.

4G mobile broadband

Make use of superfast 4G LTE mobile connectivity at home or in the office. It’s a simple Plug & Go solution for areas with poor internet speeds, designed with constant connectivity in mind.

The Wireless 4G LTE mobile router allows you to access 4G mobile broadband and can be shared with several devices. Once connected, you can transfer data and stream media achieving up to 150 Mbps, giving you fast and responsive internet access. Simply insert the SIM card and the internet connection is shared through a secure wireless network to give you 4G LTE connectivity. This device can also be used as a backup should your usual internet connection fail, or as a temporary solution if you are moving to a new location that has no broadband.

5G for business

5G mobile broadband is the latest in mobile networking technology. 5G promises lower latency, faster speeds, and greater load capacity than 4G its predecessor on newer devices. With the UK’s 5G network constantly growing, 5G home broadband will soon be a viable alternative to traditional fixed broadband, especially for those living and working in rural or suburban areas.

Let us deliver reliable and robust connectivity to your workforce. Speak to our team to understand which mobile broadband solution is best for your business.