A complete solution – one network across all your sites.

Fully integrate your data and calls across multiple sites in a converged, hosted system that saves you money and unlocks smart new ways to do business.  

Geography should never be an obstacle to communication and reliable connectivity. Connecting multiple sites to a single network means faster performance. Ensures enhanced security and reliability, simple management and reduced costs.  

A multi-site network gives you complete choice over how and where you work and how your staff keep in touch.  

One great provider for all your connections

We can manage every aspect of connectivity across all your sites. Enjoy the benefits of having a single point of contact, a single bill and a single contract in one place.  

All your connections are underpinned by robust our Service Level Agreements. We commit to keeping things up and running and ensuring faults are repaired in a short, specified timeframe.  

Bespoke maintenance packages for critical infrastructure available and we specialise in designing backups and failovers for continuity in times of crisis. 

The nitty gritty

We connect your sites together using a Converged Private Network (CPN) – a type of MPLS-enabled Wide Area Network (WAN). That means it’s a complete solution, covering every aspect of your business communications.  

The system is Quality-of-Service (QoS) enabled, meaning it prioritises and guarantees connectivity for your business-critical call traffic. 

You can access the Online Systems CPN through many different connection types, from simple ADSL and Fibre-to-the-Cabinet broadband, right through to end-to-end Fibre Ethernet. That means no matter where your sites are located, solutions are available.