Converge Voice and Data

At the heart of our Converged Broadband and Converged Ethernet products is an affordable solution that enables you to consolidate and converge your data and voice networks, giving you a number of distinct advantages:

1 Converged Broadband and Ethernet provides the ideal platform for migrating to IP telephony and opening up the numerous benefits that IP telephony brings.

2 Reduce supplier and network management costs by getting rid of legacy voice infrastructure.

3 Access to increased bandwidth and performance will help your business move into the cloud.

4 Purchasing an end-to-end service from a single, trusted supplier means problems are fixed quickly.

The Online Systems Converged difference

Market-leading integrated IP telephony and data network

Fully integrated with our market-leading IP voice products, our range of data products gives you access to a purpose-built combined voice and data network.You can benefit from a single, robust SLA from a single provider. With full visibility and control over both the voice and data services, we can resolve any issues and make changes to your network quickly and accurately.

Easy to do business with

Acting as the single supplier of your data services, we become your single point of contact for both your data and IP voice (including porting). This converged approach not only reduces complexity but also offers differentiation through being easier to do business with, rather than you managing different upstream suppliers for voice and data.

Financial strength

Our commercial strength and stability gives peace of mind in today’s tough business environment; you can rely on us to be your provider of choice for all your communication needs.

Highly experienced

With our pedigree and experience in IP, we are well positioned to act as the supplier of choice when it comes to entrusting us to effectively manage high value networks.

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