How To Guides

We’ve put together some handy resources to help you with your phone system or handset.

Download our guides below to help get the most out of your systems. If you cannot find what you need please get in touch. We’ll help you with your problems and guide you out of confusion.

Type Title Description Size
Horizon Gamma Inbound App v.1.0

User guide for Gamma Inbound App v.1.0

2.64 MB
Horizon Yealink W52P

User guide for Horizon Yealink W52P

840.68 KB
Horizon Receptionist v.3.0

User guide for Horizon Receptionist v.3.0

2.19 MB
Horizon Polycom VVX410 Handsets v.2.0

User guide for Horizon Polycom VVX410 handsets v.2.0

1.19 MB
Horizon PC Softclient v.2.0

User guide for Horizon PC softclient v.2.0

1.63 MB
Horizon IOS Softclient v.1.2

User guide for Horizon IOS softclient v.1.2

1.30 MB
Horizon Integrator Outlook Add In v.2.0

User guide for Horizon Integrator Outlook Add In v.2.0

604.59 KB
Horizon Cisco 504 IP

Quick reference guide for Horizon Cisco 504 IP

657.92 KB
Horizon Cisco 504 v.2.0

User guide for Horizon Cisco 504 v.2.0

891.81 KB
Horizon Softclient v.2.0

Here you will find a user guide for Horizon softclient v.2.0

1.40 MB
Horizon Connect Android

User guide for Horizon Android v2.1

1.42 MB
Horizon Connect IOS

User guide for Horizon IOS v.2.0

1.73 MB
Horizon Voicemail

This is a user guide for users of Horizon voicemail

485.09 KB
Horizon Voicemail

A getting started guide to voicemail menus within Horizon

104.60 KB
Horizon Polycom-VVX410

A user guide for Polycom VVX410 handsets with Horizon

931.60 KB
Horizon Gamma Horizon Voicemail

A general guide for using voicemail with the Horizon web portal

135.74 KB
Horizon End User Web Portal

A general guide for users of the Horizon web portal

2.25 MB
Horizon Customer End User

This is a guide to getting started with the Horizon systems for customer end user

1.81 MB