Online Systems Green Fleet

green-electric-fleetWe are changing to a greener fleet of cars.

With the sale of diesel and petrol cars set to be banned by 2030, it’s up to businesses to start thinking about changing their vehicles to greener options. In November 2020 12.1% of new vehicle registrations in the UK was down to EVs and PHEVs

At Online Systems our employees are ‘keen to go green’ and two members of staff are already driving 100% electric zero-emission cars. Our Carlisle premises have also had electric plug-in charging points installed for our employees to use to charge their vehicles while they are on-site.

To date, approximately 41.6% of our fleet is EVs and PHEVs, and this we aim to better significantly. Within the next 18 months, all our vehicles are due to changed and employees are starting to look at what’s already available on the market in 100% electric vehicles. And with the new Hybrid market been given a stay of execution till 2035 this is also still a viable option for our staff to consider.

We are also keeping a keen eye on the Hydrogen powered option emerging on the scene; the FCEV Fuel Cell Electric Vehicles running on compressed liquid hydrogen.

Reasons to change to a greener fleet

  • Environmental conscience
  • Cost savings for the user
  • Tax savings for business and user
  • Better technology

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