Disaster-proofing your business sounds dramatic but if a power outage, hardware failure, cyber-attack, file corruption, human error, storms or flooding hit your data centre – the impact on your website, operating systems or customer data could be significant.

IT systems are critical to the smooth running of a business and this is why it is important to ensure these systems continue to operate efficiently and are not disrupted and with systems and networks becoming ever more complex, more and more things can go wrong.

The importance of disaster recovery is becoming more and more of a top agenda point for businesses with the increasing dependency on IT systems, as well as a growth in various disasters reported in the media including 9/11 and the London bombings. Disaster recovery planning is now deemed a business critical document that sets out detailed instructions on how your business will respond to unplanned incidents which may result in severe loss of data, which can have a serious financial impact which can also result in loss of customer confidence, damaging a company’s reputation.

We will help your business prepare a thorough and robust disaster recovery plan to minimise disruption and loss if the worst was to happen meaning swift recovery of your entire business environment, business continuity, minimal downtime and limited operational impact.