Horizon integrating with NHS EMIS


EMIS (Egton Medical Information Systems) is the electronic patient record system for the UK’s medical profession. It covers primary and acute care as well as community pharmacies and provides instant access to a patient’s data.

Our tech team has been busy over the last couple of weeks/months installing the Horizon systems integrated with EMIS to more than fifty users within a cluster of medical surgeries. The feedback we have received has been outstanding and rated as a game-changer for instant provision of service within a sector where time is precious.

How the Horizon integration software works: When a call comes in the phone number is matched within EMIS and a screen pops up with the patient’s details. This then opens up the management page within 3 seconds and the service user then has full access to the patient data.

The benefit for the surgery is that the receptionist does not have to open a new search page manually, then enter the name of the patient, followed by another search for patient details. The speed of the Horizon integration software means that the patient detail appears instantaneously on the screen and the user only has to ask for the Date of Birth to confirm the ID.

For the medical sector where time is in short supply, the Horizon integration is heads above the competition. It has also proven itself to be equally successful in integration with other CRM systems. A game-changer for an industry where accuracy and time are paramount.

For more technical advice on our Horizon product and any integration options available, please get in touch.

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