Season Call Plan Update

Do you need to update your phone message, change your ring plan or inform your customers of revised opening hours?

An out of date phone greeting will leave a poor impression of your business . This will often stop the caller from leaving a message. Make sure your voicemail greeting is current and suitable for your business.

Make sure your customers are aware of any revised opening hours, so you do not incur any avoidable problems. Update your phone messaging to ensure that every time a call comes into your business your message is played. This is a simple and effective way to communicate any changes to your opening hours to your customers.

When to book your script or ring plan amendments?

OFFER EXTENDED. To ensure we can update and deliver any changes required to your ring plans in time for the festivities, please book your remote programming slot before 16:00 on 16th December 2020 for only £30.00. Any change requests received between 17th – 23rd December, please be aware that these will incur our standard charge of £60.00 per hour for script/ring plan amendments.

Any changes requested between 24th December 2020 and 4th January 2021 will incur additional charges.

(The above quoted prices are subject to remote access being available, where remote access is not available, call out charges will apply. For those clients already benefiting from our Managed Service contract then no charges will apply. To learn more about our Managed Service offering contact a member of our team.)

What information do we require?

All you need to do is reply to this email providing a contact name and telephone number, along with a brief description of changes you would like implemented, plus specific dates and times for all changes to take effect.

Once we receive your email, our support team will book a slot for these changes to be made. On the day your slot is booked, one of our expert engineers will call you to implement your changes as per your requirements.

Plan ahead to guarantee your changes are set-up in time, in readiness of the festive period by helping us to help you.

Remember 16:00 on Wednesday 16th December is the deadline to guarantee changes can be made to have your ring plan or messages set-up in time for you closing for Christmas.

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