Mobile phone scam alert


vodafone-scam-tweetSome of the UK’s largest mobile networks including Vodafone, EE and Three are making their customers aware of a Flubot SMS (text message) scam which is doing the rounds.

Networks are advising customers to be especially vigilant with this piece of malware and to always be very careful about clicking on any links received in an SMS. The scam text message in the instance of Vodafone is impersonating DHL and is affecting Android phones.

The Flubot is a piece of malware that can install malicious software onto your device and has the ability to spy on the user and steal any personal banking information from installed banking apps. Customers are advised NOT to click on the text message and immediately delete it from their phone.

Vodafone is also encouraging their users to forward anything suspicious to 7726, so they can track the links and try and put a stop to the scam.

The best advice any of the networks are giving is if you are unsure about it: Ignore it, report it and delete it!

If you believe your device has been compromised, one piece of advice is to perform a device factory reset.

These scams are detrimental to the industry and the networks are working as quickly as possible to get on top of and remove the threat. In the meantime stay vigilant and remember, if in any doubt do NOT open the SMS and DELETE immediately.


*(Information obtained from Digital Wholesales Solutions and BBC News –