How many calls did your business miss today? Who was calling?

Gain an understanding of how calls to your business are handled with our call logging and recording service.

Whether it’s for training, compliance or finding ways to become more efficient, we are flexible and happy to set up a tailored solution to provide exactly the information you need to gain valuable information about how your communication is working for your business.

Compatible with most technologies and available with all our phone systems, take advantage of a whole host of useful data such as call times, durations and caller phone numbers, plus the chance to listen to calls to see how they went.  

For powerful insights into how you’re communicating, you can integrate all these technologies with your current customer relations management software.  

Our friendly staff are always happy to chat about your business – get in touch below or call us on 01228 599898 to discover how our range of call logging and recording solutions can help grow your business.