A cloud-based phone system replaces the need for traditional phone lines, so when the time comes to expanding or changing your services you won’t have to worry about rerouting wires and interrupting your staff at work. All you need is an internet connection to connect your office phones.

Also known as cloud telephony or Hosted VoIP, a hosted solution means convenience, reliability and low-cost calls while eliminating the need for costly equipment and allowing users to work seamlessly across multiple venues.

Cloud phone systems are a breeze to update and easy to scale and modify, offering your business flexibility to find brilliant new ways to work efficiently. Less maintenance is required too, with the routing and organisation of your business phone system taken care of in the cloud, you’re less likely to run into issues saving you time that’s better spent on other tasks.

With a fast setup cloud-based telephony tends to be a cost effective solution for most businesses.

With cloud-based telephony, your business can take advantage of call reporting, call recording, multiple voicemail inboxes and the ability to use services remotely on a mobile, alongside many other advanced features. You’ll also have a range of call management tools at your disposal, helping you to keep track of your relationship with clients.

At Online Systems we partner with the world’s leading providers of cloud communications technology including Horizon, Wildix and Microsoft to offer a comprehensive range of business phone solutions tried and tested to give you the flexibility, scalability and reliability you need.