A new solution for small to medium size businesses looking to advance to new VoIP technology and require more flexibility in call handling.

As a business, your phone number is an integral part of how you operate. It is often the preferred choice for your customer to keep in contact with you. Your business phone number is used on all your advertising and stationery so it is important to retain it. We deem the PhoneLine+ system to be beneficial for smaller businesses. It is designed to replace existing landline services using VoIP and will deliver all voice calls over a broadband network. This is a more cost-effective solution compared to the traditional legacy system. It will become essential for businesses to move to a VoIP system in the near future as traditional landlines will become obsolete.

With a PhoneLine+ solution, we can get you set up to access all calls on a variety of devices including laptops, mobile devices like tablets and mobile phones as well as IP handsets. If you choose to keep existing desk phones we will supply adapters. As with any current landline, PhoneLine+ will supply all the current key features such as voicemail, call divert, DND and on hold, plus other features beneficial to business, and without additional cost.

Why switch to PhoneLine+?

As mentioned the traditional legacy landline network is due to be switched off by 2025. To keep any existing phone number business owners need to move to the new network where voice calls are being delivered via the internet VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol). It is likely that any business with existing broadband will support PhoneLine+, limiting disruption.

  • Time-saving – make and receive calls from anywhere
  • Easy to use – intuitive interface
  • Information stored – synchronize contacts across devices
  • Simple to install – no engineer needed
  • Easy to make changes – instant changes to preferences

Because PhoneLine+ is a software-based solution updates and maintenance is provided remotely by your service provider. As a password protected system only business administrators with access have complete control over features such as adding and removing subscribers and relocating numbers as needed, keeping all business and customer information secure.

Take existing business phone numbers with you and maintain a level of consistency and less disruption when changing to PhoneLine+.

How it works?

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