The PBX often referred to as an ‘on-premise’ telephone system, continues to be reliable, sturdy and the backbone of many businesses communications. Rather than sitting in the cloud, today the PBX is a complete little box that sits in an area of your office, controlling all aspects of your business telephony.

So with the introduction of cloud communications, why would you consider a PBX?

The PBX is still a great solution, for businesses who require greater control of their telecoms, or who want a more robust, stronger comms solution. It also does not require a good broadband connection which cloud telephony relies upon.

Key reasons for a business to operate a PBX system.

  • They can use one centralised PBX system for multiple offices.
  • They retain control of their telephone system, for features and fine-tuning.
  • They make an enormous amount of calls that a cloud system would struggle to handle.

While many businesses continue to have a PBX system on site it’s important to be aware that there’s no need to replace all the phones in your office to enjoy the benefits of IP telephony. We can install specialised hardware to enable almost any phone system to work over the internet; saving you money on the cost of calls and minimising disruption to your office.  This is an easy way to future-proof your business for the phase-out of traditional phone lines by 2024 – once this equipment is installed, all you need is a data connection and you’re good to go.

The options are endless and varied. Speak to one of our expert team to better understand what type of phone system would suit your business best.