Most businesses have shifted away from traditional phone lines to take advantage of newer solutions like VoIP and cloud phones. Equally, if you just need a plain phone line, we will supply it.

A unified Voice, Video conferencing, Chat and Contact centre platform. All the features needed by today’s modern digital business. Manage all employee and customer interactions on a single app, from any location on any device. It’s easy to manage and fits a variety of budgets.

Enable a seamless way forward for how your staff and customers communicate. Build stronger relationships between your frontline staff and customers; creating better experiences when interacting with your business.

What is the difference?

SIP Trunks, ISDN and analogue phone lines explained

ISDN and analogue technologies use traditional copper phone lines. ISDN improves on basic analogue by combining it with digital capabilities and internet over the phone line but this is due to be phased out in the UK by 2025. It is therefore important that you understand the options available to your business.

SIP trunking uses an internet connection to connect you to the phone network. It looks and works just like a traditional phone line, but brings cost savings, flexibility, scalability, and reliability. This technology is available now and many businesses are seeing this as a solution they can embrace in preparation for the phasing out of old technology.

ISDN Benefits

SIP Trunk Benefits