Telephone Systems – Onsite

An On Site Telephone System is the traditional method of telecoms and involves having a physical phone line installed at your company’s premises.

This type of phone system (also known as PBX) can use analogue, digital or internet-based SIP phone lines.  It is worth noting that digital lines are rapidly being taken over by SIP phone lines with BT planning to replace all digital lines with SIP alternatives by 2025.

An on site telephone system is initially more expensive due to the physical equipment that needs to be installed to the company’s premises.  However, after this installation you only need to pay monthly for your phone line rental and the calls you make which can make an on site telephone system cheaper in the long term.

At Online Systems we offer both hosted and on site telephone systems.  Our experienced sales team would be happy to discuss your options and find the best phone systems suited to your business needs and budget.

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