Avaya is a global business communications expert delivering open and flexible communication systems to help companies transform their businesses to achieve marketplace advantage.

Avaya provides intelligent communications solutions that are dedicated to helping businesses reduce costs, lower risk and grow revenues.

Avaya focus on three key areas:

Reliability: A communication system needs to be available all day, every day. Avaya build their product to be inherently resilient.

Scalability: A communication system needs to grow with your business. Avaya ensures flexibility and scalability to give true investment protection from 384 users.

Applications: It’s not just about making and taking calls, applications provide real business benefit. Avaya have a suite of applications that assist an organisation in saving money and providing excellent service.


IP Office Solutions

Avaya Office Solutions bring together communications, creating a solution for employees allowing them to handle all their business on their preferred device: laptop, mobile phone, office phone or home phone.

IP Office adapts to your goals and budgets and provides individual users with the capabilities to enhance their productivity levels. Avaya IP Office Solutions gives businesses the tools to grow tools, maximise productivity and lower operating expenses. Click here to view the IP Office Solutions Brochure.

Visit our Resources section for free Avaya downloads, technical tips, user guides and service videos to assist with your Avaya phone system.

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