Samsung is a world leader in communications, electronics and information technology and guarantees quality, reliability and value.

We have worked with Samsung for over 20 years and together have been able to provide companies with effective and forward thinking solutions to drive their business forward.

Samsung’s belief that building a phone system designed to user preferences boosts productivity, controls costs and retains phone activity is a belief that resonates with our own offering.


The Samsung OfficeServ allows companies to maximise resources and productivity. OfficeServ provides:

  • Simple feature configuration
  • Easy-to-use Applications
  • Simple feature configuration
  • Easy-to-use Applications

Below are the Samsung hardware available with OfficeServ from Online Systems.

OS7000 Series

The OfficeServ7000 series is designed to become the heart of your communication network, regardless of company size. Built as a single platform, the OS7000 series delivers advanced voice, data and wireless communications in a single IP platform and can be utilised to build sophisticated telephony applications that offer effective, affordable solutions.


  • Modular design for efficient scale: The OfficeSer 7000 comes in 5 different variants to suit your business needs.
  • Mobility: Get access from anywhere – allow flexibility working whilst maintaining control of employees and costs.
  • Voice Messaging: Advanced voice messaging capabilities and features ensures you never miss another call again.
  • Applications: There are whole host of applications that work alongside OfficeServ to enhance productivity and efficiency and are available as standard

Key Benefits

  • Cost Control: Keep everything centralised from installation and management, to billing and security alerts.
  • Multi-Site: Accessible business applications across all sites as well as easy monitoring of a dispersed team to enhance productivity.
  • Flexibility & Scalability: Manage your connectivity types based on your requirements with scalability and interoperability between systems.
  • Security & Resilience: Restrict connections to only known and registered IP handset, as well as implementing up to 3 back up failover systems.

Visit our Resources section for free Samsung downloads, technical tips, user guides and service videos to assist with your Samsung phone system.

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